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July 21, 2024
Announcing GRID Beta – An Open and Free Platform for Robot Intelligence
We’re opening the waitlist for our General Robot Intelligence Development (GRID) platform. GRID is an open and free cloud-based IDE for ...
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July 19, 2024
Enhancing Robotic Planning with Logically Constrained Transformers
We introduce Perception Action Signal Temporal Logic Transformer (PASTEL), a deep machine learning architecture to control robots safely. ...
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October 18, 2023
GRID: A Platform For General Robot Intelligence Development
We release a platform for creating intelligent and safe robots using foundation models, large language models, and simulation. ...
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September 27, 2023
Hello World: Launch Of Scaled Foundations’ Robotics AI Development Platform
The General Robot Intelligence Development (GRID) platform combines foundation models, simulation, and large language models for rapid pro...
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February 27, 2023
SMART – A Generalized Pretraining Framework For Control Tasks
We are announcing SMART, a generalized pretraining framework for a wide variety of control tasks. ...
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February 20, 2023
ChatGPT For Robotics: Design Principles And Model Abilities
We extended the capabilities of ChatGPT to robotics, and controlled multiple platforms such as robot arms, drones, and home assistant robo...
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October 26, 2022
PACT: Perception-Action Causal Transformer For Autoregressive Robotics Pretraining
Recent advances in machine learning architectures have induced a paradigm shift from task-specific models towards large general-purpose ne...
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September 26, 2022
Data-driven Sensor Simulation for Realistic LiDARs
Simulation is playing an increasingly major role in the development of safe and robust autonomous systems, especially given the advent of ...
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August 9, 2022
Just say the magic word: using language to program robots
Language is the most intuitive way for us to express how we feel and what we want. ...