Our Mission

Making robots intelligent and safe at scale

Without the ability to sense, reason and act appropriately, robots are nothing more than a collection of expensive parts. Scaled Foundations helps make robots more productive, efficient and safer to operate through Machine Learning, AI, and simulation.

Our co-founding team consists of well-renowned researchers and engineers that are world’s leading experts in robotics and large-scale deep machine learning. The team brings together over 40 years of combined experience in AI and autonomous systems and has a track-record of inventing high-impact and high-value technologies.


Making robot intelligence accessible to all

The team at Scaled Foundations has made several significant contributions towards AI-powered robots. In 2017, we released AirSim, which is currently one of the most popular robotic simulators available. Between 2019-2023, the team invented several influential technologies, including robot foundation models, generative-AI for sensor simulation, and the application of large language models to robotics.

At Scaled Foundations, we are building upon this immense expertise to create safe robots that can see, act and learn, and to push the boundaries of AI and robotics even further.


From colleagues to co-founders

Our co-founding team, consisting of world-class ex-Microsoft Researchers & Engineers that are world’s leading expert in Large-scale Deep Machine Learning, Robotics and Aerospace. The team brings together over 40 years of combined experience in AI and autonomous systems. This unique composition positions our team to spearhead innovation in various industries.

Ashish Kapoor
Co-Founder & CEO
Sai Vemprala
Dinesh Narayanan
Shuhang Chen
Abhinav Shukla
Amit Trivedi
Visiting Researcher
David Merrill