Building AI-powered robots with GRID

General Robot Intelligence Development (GRID) platform is the all-in-one solution for infusing AI skills into robots rapidly.


Create skillful robots that see, act, and learn

Sensorimotor skills for robots

Accelerate workflows by rapidly prototyping complex skills for robots. Fast training using robot foundation models, reinforcement and imitation learning, with simulation feedback for robustness.

AI-driven control and planning

Create mission-plans and control schemas for safe and productive operations. Reduce complexity with AI-methods that work out-of-the-box.

Multimodal robot perception

Enable robots to see and understand their environment using multiple sensor types. Rapid development and deployment via state-of-the-art foundation models.

High-fidelity simulations for robotics

Unlock safety-first engineering and operations with near-realistic simulation of robotic form factors and scenes.

Our Vision

Making state-of-the-art robot AI accessible to developers and operators

Enable safe AI capabilities through Foundation Models

Foundation models for robot perception, control and skills.

Generate data & evaluate scenarios through simulation

High-fidelity simulations for scalable data generation and systemic evaluation.

Seamlessly deploy, operate & manage AI models on robots

Tools for deployment, operations, and management of robot AI models.

Our Technology

General Robot Intelligence Platform

Seamless access to robot foundation models, trained with real-world data assets, high fidelity simulation, and generative AI enables rapid and efficient engineering of robust robot intelligence.  Accelerate robot learning and deployment via GRID that requires no installation and enables rapid prototyping with state-of-the-art machine learning technologies.

The Enterprise Robotics Platform

Enabling organizations to rapidly create, validate, and deploy AI-powered robots

Accelerate time to production via GRID SDK

Get to production faster and integrate with your development stack using GRID APIs and SDK.  The APIs provide seamless access to robot foundation models, data generation capabilities, fine-tuning and testing of AI models within our simulation, to deployment in our cloud environment or yours.

Customize for your context

Bring your data and environments to our platform to increase performance, fidelity, and relevance of your robotics solutions, while also anticipating and modeling new operating conditions. We offer documentation or integration services to help your organization along the way.

Automate your high value scenarios

Leveraging Scaled Foundations’ generalized foundation models and simulations, quickly bring your most impactful robotic scenarios to life with significantly less development effort, cost and time.

Safety at the core

We recognize that the companies deriving the most value from robotics use robots as a tool to augment their workforce. Safe operations of robotic systems are critical to scale. We consider and train our platform to acknowledge safe robotic operations as a fundamental requirement to all solution development.


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